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Intensive Eco Driving Course

Intensive Eco Driving Course from Intensive Driving Courses

What is Eco Driving?

Eco Driving is driving in such a way that is both environmentally friendly, and economical.

Some people will take extreme views:

Some people will take their views to the opposite extreme:

Trying to be a little less extreme

All of us would probably gain some benefit if there was a little less pollution.

All of us, even the most affluent, would gain some benefit by spending less on fuel, and causing less wear and tear to our cars.

Eco Driving does not have to mean driving unrealistically slowly, neither does it mean doing anything that would compromise safety.

Eco Driving uses the skills of Advanced Driving and Defensive Driving, but uses them and adapts them to gain the environmental and economic benefits that good planning can deliver.

Intensive Eco Driving Training Course

There is no Eco Driving Test, so the level that you take your Eco Driving Skills to is your choice.

Choose the option that suits your requirements.

Planning Your Intensive Eco Driving Course

A typical Eco Driving Course to reach an equivalent level to an Advanced Driving Test would probably consist of about 3 training days, with practice in between, but everyone's needs are different.

An example of a typical course

This Training Programme is based on preparing someone for an equivalent standard to an Advanced Driving Test, however, if you simply want an introduction to Eco Driving techniques and principles, and their practical application, you may decide to have only one or two training days.

This Eco Driving Training Programme is based on Full Day (6 hour) training days.

It is only intended as a guide, as the structure and length of your course will be altered to suit your own individual needs.

Who Will Train Me?

All Eco Driver Training done on behalf of Intensive Driving Courses is currently delivered by James Quinn

James has delivered driver training at all levels from complete beginner through to the most advanced levels, and trains and retrains driving instructors.

Intensive Eco Driving Course Prices

Intensive Eco Driving Course
1 Day (6 hour) Eco Driving Training Session£330.00

Advanced Defensive and Eco Driving Compared

Advanced Driving, Defensive Driving and Eco Driving all have many similarities, they all use essentially the same set of skills.

Advanced, Defensive and Eco Driving all involve developing driving skills to a high level.

The differences between, Advanced, Defensive and Eco Driving are the way the driver prioritises different aspects of driving.

Advanced DrivingDefensive DrivingEco driving
SafetyHigh PriorityHigh PriorityHigh Priority
Brisk ProgressHigh PriorityLow PriorityLow Priority
EconomyLow PriorityLow PriorityHigh Priority
The EnvironmentLow PriorityLow PriorityHigh Priority

Intensive Driving Courses can provide training in conjunction with it's sister company Advanced Driver Trainers for Advanced Driving, Defensive Driving or Eco Driving.

You have the choice of developing your skills for one driving style, or we can tailor your training so that you are able to apply your skills to either Advanced Driving, or Defensive Driving, or Eco Driving, depending on the purpose that you have on any particular journey.

Advanced Driver Trainers provides training in Advanced, Defensive and Eco Driving techniques.
Training can be aimed either at preparing for an Advanced Driving Test, or to focus solely on improving your driving ability to an advanced standard, without taking the test.
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Advanced Driver Trainers
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